finding your training style

At the start of a new year I always encourage my clients to some new goals together that they want to achieve over the year. And this is something I also do myself! Doing this always helps me stay motivated and keeps things fresh - otherwise I get bored and my progress stalls.

So clearly the image I've put with this blog is ridiculous. It never hurts to have a little inspiration.

BUT I want to emphasise that with my goals (and those of my clients) I have always tried to make them performance-focused rather than based on aesthetics. It's so easy to get caught up in how you look and whether or not you're making those booty gains (something that I have accepted is unfortunately not realistic for me to achieve in a Nicky Blacketter / Grace Fit UK sort of way) or six pack abs (a la Sarahs Day - definitely a #girlcrush.)

However I am not Sarah - I am me, and this means my body is built and functions completely differently. What works for her, will not necessarily work for me; our preferences are different, our hormones are different etc. In short, we've got to stop comparing ourselves and accept the beautiful body we each have. I guarantee that when I'm old and wrinkly with arthritic hands and needing my poor husband to help me put on pants in the morning none of that shit will matter. I don't want my clients or myself to sacrifice lifetime memories in order to look shredded.

I want to look back and think "I nailed that marathon" or "I can't believe I could deadlift XX kg" or simply that I am happy to be healthy and happy now at the ripe old age of 80 because of my healthy lifestyle I lived when I was younger. Anyway rant over so here are the goals I've personally set out to achieve for 2018, so it might be useful to use as a template to set your own! And being 100% real some of these were also on my 2017 list - so don't take it as gospel - some of the best things take time!

My training style is predominantly gassy - I like to go hard with HIIT - think plyometrics and body-weight exercises like jumping squats, burpees, jump-lunges, press-ups, pull-ups etc. I might also box once a week which I love because it consumes my mind - I really have to concentrate! Otherwise I will get hit in the face - not ideal. I'll also run once a week (I am a natural runner so this is more like active recovery for me) and I'll also do a few weekly yoga flows to move my body in a different way and work on my flexibility. I HATE spinning. I've recently got into Cross-Fit which has opened up a WORLD of things I can't do but it's really great to meet like-minded people, switch up my routine and find new goals to work towards!

MY 2018 GOALS:

1. Be able to hold a handstand comfortably

2. If I complete number 1 then work towards walking handstands

3. Finally nail Pincher!

4. Be able to do 3 bar pull-ups un-assisted

5. Work towards the splits on both sides

6. Work-out more outside with nature

7. Work-out with a friend once a week (rather than always training solo)

8. Be kinder to myself and always love my body unconditionally!

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